My favorite network for latest news is CNN. I feel like CNN has maintained its standards to produce accurate, quick and engaging news. I enjoy watching Anderson Cooper the most because he seems like an honest bloke and has a way of making the unreal into something that everyone can relate to. I liked the risks that he has taken as a journalist, and one day, I aspire to be just as good as a journalist as he is.

My favorite TV show is Fringe, hands down. I have never seen a show where the plot was so intricately driven and related to the characters and their development. I love the mad scientist experiments involved, the beautiful acting done by John Noble and the twist in plot lines. I really hope this show never gets canceled because that’s basically all the television that I watch (besides news).

My favorite music: I realize that I can’t define my favorite music by terms of genre, so I’ll just post what’s my favorite songs right now.

“Just the Way You Are (by Bruno Mars),” covered by Sungha Jung

“Killing in the Name,” by Rage Against the Machine

“More than Words,” by Extreme

“Mockingbird,” by Eminem

I don’t usually listen to rap, but this song about his daughters made me see a softer side to the rapper.

“I Need A Doctor,” by Eminem (feat. Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey)

“Unbreakable,” by Fireflight

To be updated…

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