Loan Le

is a Senior Editor at Atria Books, an adult imprint at Simon & Schuster in Manhattan. She works with talented, innovative authors like Sarah Langan, Shea Ernshaw, Carolyn Huynh, Luke Dumas, Adam Hamdy, Emily Austin, Jess Kidd, Kevin Chong, Jennifer Fawcett, Leigh Abramson, Arianna Reiche, Mai Nguyen, and Meredith Westgate, and edits layered upmarket fiction and stylish, literary fiction with genre propulsion. Her titles have been selected for book clubs like Good Morning America, B&N, and Belletrist, and have also been picked for Indie Next and Book of the Month.

Her current manuscript wish list can be found here.

When Loan is not working as a book editor, she is busy penning her next YA novel, Solving for the Unknown (S&S Books for Young Readers), which is a companion novel to A Pho Love Story (February 2021). Her speculative short story about a ghost whisperer visiting Vietnam after her high school graduation will be published in Firsts & Lasts, a YA anthology (Penguin Workshop, Fall 2023). Loan is also working on her adult novels: a globe-trotting family mystery about a young woman chasing down her enigmatic mother who’s linked to several cold cases; a foodie rom-com following a sarcastic chef who terrifies home cooks with his viral critique TikToks, but changes his tune as he grows close with his latest “victim’s” granddaughter; and a slightly magical rom-com about a gifted matchmaker who falls for his client’s potential match.

She is represented by Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. Connect with Loan on:

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