Blog 11: Usability Testing

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.38.45 PMIt’s crunch time! I’m revamping my portfolio site for my Multimedia Writing Course.

Here’s the first draft, which was done in the beginning of the semester:

Here’s what it looks like now:

Today, I asked my classmates to test out my website. They’ve given me some great feedback, but here’s basically what they’ve said.

How should I open up my front page? Should I include the about me on the first page or create a separate tag for About Me?

They said it was fine to see a little bio on the front page. One classmate said, “It is a one stop shop for future employers wanting a quick summary of who you are.”

Should I include more buttons?

My classmates said yes and that I should make my social media content into buttons for the front page.

Easy to navigate?

My classmates said yes.

Other notes:

Should I include a picture of myself?

I notice other students have posted pictures of themselves on their sites. Some photos showed their professionalism and others showed off a more fun and relaxed side of my classmates. I wondered if I should include a photo, and most of my classmates said that it was up to me.


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