i hate bullies.

I’ve talked a little about bullying in past posts. It sounds odd, right, for a college student to still think about bullying. You would think in adulthood you wouldn’t see any bullying – except that’s wrong. Bullying – verbal or physical – occurs all the time no matter the age of the victim or the bully. Bullying has lasting effects; I could remember fourth grade so clearly because of bullying!

I’ve never watched Star Wars (apparently that’s a necessary franchise to watch if you want to be human), but Wil Wheaton, a star and also member of “Big Bang Theory” cast, recently answered a question from a little girl.

when you were a kid, were you called a nerd, and if so, how did you deal with it?

I hope younger children have been taught or have seen enough to know that bullying is just wrong.

I applaud Wheaton for his response and also for the bravery of the girl to ask such a question. Perhaps she has been called one too, and I hope not. I really hope not.

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