Post 5


I did like the in-depth analysis for Shannon’s webtext What I did not like about Shannon’s project is that she wrote her summaries in one large paragraph, which made my eyes tired. Usually, for text online, it’s better to have shorter paragraphs. I also think the black background and the white text made it hard to read.


I liked the navigation bar that he set up for his webtext. I think that makes it easier to go from one analysis to another, rather than having to scroll up and down. I also appreciated how he broke up the paragraphs. However, I didn’t like that the webpage size appeared to large for the actual screen. This might have the result of a faulty code.


Out of all the webtexts, I liked Amanda’s the most. I really like the homepage because of the color. Green is often associated with the recycling movement, and the appearance of that color created continuity. The large numbers helped navigate readers through each source, too. Amanda was very precise in pointing out the rhetorically effective elements in her sources. The one thing I would criticize about her website is her main typeface. It appeared to be infantile. I would have preferred if she use a serif font, which is much more serious for the topic of recycling.

I will combine elements from both Shannon and Marcus’ webtexts. I know that I will not use a dark background and light text – I will do the opposite. I will include options to jump (Jump to Top) from one section to another on the same page. And, of course, I’ll post the examples and then my analysis below.

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