Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose

By Loan Le, Dogwood Managing Editor

On Nov. 14, Danielle and I took the train up to New Haven, Conn., to visit Yale University’s Afro-American Cultural Center. We heard that local artist Gordon Skinner, 35, would be there to conclude his “Hard Works” exhibition with a brief talk and Q & A session.

In the very beginning of this semester, Sonya announced that she found the perfect art piece for Dogwood‘s cover. She pulled up something from her email and revealed to Danielle, Anna and I a bright, colorful abstract painting of a reinterpreted Jesus. She told us the piece was called “Jesus Piece: A Self-Portrait at 27.” Among the vibrant red background the yellow sun-like image, what caught my attention was the eyes of the reinterpreted Jesus that stood in the forefront. There’s something disconcerting in the way  the subject stared right at me, judging me, telling me that if…

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