About Me

Hi, my name is Loan Le. 

Pronunciation (English): Lone Lê (as in ‘let’)

Pronunciation (Vietnamese): Lu-awn Lê – quickly, no emphasis on any syllable (Southern dialect, which is what my family uses) versus the standard dialect (bonus!).

Thanks for checking out my website! I’m an editor at Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books imprint by day. By night—and, let’s be honest, into the early morning—I’m a fiction writer trying to collect as many rejections as possible. I hold an MFA in fiction writing from Fairfield University’s low-residency program.

My debut YA romantic-comedy, A Phở Love Story, was published by S&S Books for Young Readers. Check out my media kit here. My YA contemporary novel, Solving for the Unknown, is slated for Summer 2023. My short story, “Partings,” will appear in Firsts and Lasts, a YA anthology edited by Laura Silverman and published by Penguin Workshop (Fall 2023).

This blog is where my worlds collide, where my various passions live and breathe. Please feel free to reach out through my Contact Me! page.

If you’re a literary agent interested in what I acquire for Atria, check out this page.


Loan Le is the author of A Phở Love Story, a YA rom-com that earned praise from NPR, POPSUGAR, Bustle, Bon Appetit, USA TODAY, and Buzzfeed. Solving for the Unknown, her next YA contemporary novel and a companion to A Phở Love Story, is slated for Summer 2023. Her speculative short story will appear in Firsts & Lasts, a YA anthology that Penguin Workshop is publishing in Fall 2023. She holds an MFA degree in fiction from Fairfield University, where she also earned her bachelor’s degree. A Pushcart Prize-nominated writer, Loan has had her short stories appear in CRAFT LiteraryMud Season Review, and more. She is an editor at Atria Books, a Simon & Schuster adult imprint, where she acquires dark fiction. She sits on the Board of Directors of BookTalk, a nonprofit organization created for book lovers, by book lovers. When Loan isn’t writing young adult novels, she’s writing ghostly, dark adult fiction, watching slow-burn K-Dramas, and listening to BTS. Visit her website at writerloanle.com and find her on Twitter @loanloan and Instagram @loanloanle.


  1. Alyssa C

    you are amazing. all of this…I’m blown away. You have such a bright future ahead of you. So proud to be your friend (when did you create this site?!)


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