Adam Hamdy’s THE Other Side of Night // COVER REVEAL

A novel in which the lives of a disgraced police officer, a prolific author, and an upstanding citizen are inextricably bound together by a series of mysterious deaths.

Out 9.27.22. Designer: Laywan Kwan. Art Design: James Iacobelli.

Pre-order here.

Dear Reader: 

Author Adam Hamdy’s son asked an innocent but loaded question during their picturesque walk along the inland cliffs of the Peak District, which you’ll also visit within these pages. Adam answered as best as any parent could, but afterwards, like many inquisitive writers, the question nagged at him. A spark was lit, and Adam turned it into a fire, a work that’s inventive and cunning. But The Other Side of Nothing would be nothing without the story’s wide open heart.

I got into this business because I admire the brilliance of storytellers. Their books are invitations; picture an outstretched hand beckoning for yours. So you reach for that hand, and cross some threshold. Then suddenly that hand is gone and the world is all yours to explore. I think that’s why I loved Adam’s novel so much. It is an invitation to witness the regrets and sorrows of an author separated from his son. It’s a glimpse into the life of an intrepid female officer who stumbles across her most puzzling case to date. It’s . . . well, you’ll see. 

Reading this is an experience and there are many points where I believe you’ll gasp at the genius of Adam’s writerly prowess. And when that happens and when you start sharing your reactions, I ask that you refrain from spoiling anything in your reviews. Let your fellow readers experience the thrill of The Other Side of Night themselves. 


Loan Le


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