Hullo, bookdragons!

AHH I MISSED SAYING THAT. I’m finally back because I’m kind of done with my first semester of uni and now I have time to sit down and ramble on about books. I can’t believe that we’re only a stone’s throw away from 2021. How did the first half of 2020 go by at a snail’s pace and then BOOM I blinked and the second half of The Worst year has almost come to an end?? I swear time is not real anymore. At this point, time only matters when I’m keeping track of Webtoon updates 😔 (this is me lowkey promoting my future webtoon recs post please watch out for it!)

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the ✨ mysterious passage of time ✨ because I’m here to talk about my most anticipated books of 2021! Maybe this post is relatively late but you have…

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