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Loan Le, living the Brooklyn life, Simon & Schuster editorial assistant, fiction editor at The Rag and Causeway Lit, freelance editor, MFA candidate in fiction writing


Loan Le is a freelance writer and editor specializing in nonfiction and fiction projects. Loan is a versatile writer and editor who promises to deliver quality work. She is available for both developmental and substantive editing. For nonfiction projects, her specialties include personal development essays and narrative memoirs. For fiction projects, she possesses an editorial eye for plot and structure, characterization, and dialogue, and can identify main issues to make the writer’s prose sing. View a few of her projects here.

Loan currently works as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books and Keywords Press. She edits fiction for The Rag and Causeway Lit. She is the coordinator for Young to Publishing’s Writers group. She is also an MFA candidate in fiction writing at Fairfield University where she graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English and with awards in journalism, creative nonfiction, and fiction. She has interned at Contagious Optimism, The Record-Journal, Simon & Schuster, and Folio Literary Management. Her work has been published at The Record-Journal, Wagner, and Off The Shelf.

If you’re interested in having her work on a project or would like to inquire about rates, please email her at writerloanle@gmail.com. Her LinkedIn profile can also be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/loan-le-4409303a.


“Loan is not only an exceptional editor that I highly recommend for any project, she is a team player that goes above and beyond her role.  On Contagious Optimism she led teams beyond expectation, she made suggestions that improved our publication, and she edited our manuscripts to perfection.  I cannot thank her enough and I am certain that much of our success was due to Loan and our terrific teams.”

-David Mezzapelle, author of the Contagious Optimism Book Series

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