Blog Post 8: Proposal for Literacy Narrative

Hash Milhan / Creative Commons

English was not my first language, even though I was born in the United States. My parents spoke only Vietnamese to me, so I struggled with English when I entered elementary school. I had to take an ESL class, and that helped, but only a little.

My literacy narrative will trace my experiences with the English language – my struggles and my triumphs.

In order to share my story, I’ll start from the trauma of my third-grade spelling bee. I was given the word “beyond” to spell. I remember my biggest crush, Eduardo Garcia II, sitting behind me, and I felt him watching me. Total flirt. I remembered my classmates saying that he liked me! So, obviously, I needed to impress him somehow. My turn came up and Ms. Holly gave me my word. I was ALMOST correct, but I added “ed,” so that I ended up spelling “beyonded.” Back then, I always got my endings mixed up; sometimes words with “ed” didn’t sound like they ended with “ed.”

Everyone laughed – including Eduardo. Talk about a stab in the heart. I ran away, sat in a bathroom stall until one of my best friends came in to coax me out of my misery. Ms. Holly forced everyone to apologize, and afterwards, Eduardo came up to me, personally, to say that he was sorry.

After that I will detail my journey to improve my grasp of the English language. I’ll include fifth grade, when my writing was still in development, when I wrote my first short story and had it completely torn apart by my teacher. I’ll include sixth grade, which is when I really got into reading Harry Potter, and learned how to write. I’ll jump to high school – the time when I felt my writing reaching a constant momentum. Then I’ll breeze through my years in college and talk about the confidence I have gained in writing and my plans to become a writer in the future.


Update – Rough, preliminary storyboard


6 responses to “Blog Post 8: Proposal for Literacy Narrative”

  1. I appreciate the honesty that you are showing this project. It is simple to select a topic in which you do not have to share an in-depth or personal story, but you chose to place yourself in a vulnerable position and that will give this project a personal hook.

    I think that you should consider focusing on reading, writing, or speaking the English language. Consider why you are allowing for the project to speak to your whole experience with the English language rather than focusing specifically on one portion. If you have a good reason, then it is a solid idea. I always try to challenge the premise to ensure that the base of a project is as strong as possible.


  2. Hi Loan,

    I love this concept for your literacy narrative. Your proficiency with writing and English would never let me guess that you had struggled so much with learning the language. Therefore I think that this will be a very eye opening presentation for everyone in the classroom. I think the stories you have chosen to include will not only be funny but also engaging for the viewer and a great portrayal of the obstacles you have faced. Moving forward I suggest that you consider how you are going to present these stories- through animation, actual video footage, images…etc. Since you are focusing on the linguistic mode will your presentation reflect this by being primarily in the linguistic mode as well? I look forward to seeing the finished product!



  3. This is an awesome idea, it is such a unique project and I like how it goes over the course of your lifetime. Its inspiring to read about struggles and the triumphs that follow, it is more clear as demonstrative of your writing that you have overcome these struggles. I have no criticisms maybe just to suggest to include specific instances of struggle and triumph as opposed to a generic timeline.


  4. Loan,

    This not only was a great story, but it made me laugh. In order to help the audience understand the timeline of your events, I think it would be helpful to title the grades of these occurences. For instance, you can either have a black screen with: “6th Grade” as a precurser to the events, or you can subtitle the events themselves.

    Otherwise, everything else sounds like it is in order. I’m looking forward to seeing it!



  5. Hi Loan,

    I must say, I’ve always enjoyed your writing! I have no doubt this will turn out to be something wonderful, and I believe you can inspire so many with your narrative.



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