Fairfield U car fire victim still in critical condition

A Fairfield University student remains in critical condition after being badly burned in a car fire.

Part-time student Justin Hervey, 23, of Armonk, N.Y., was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital last Thursday evening after he and his Chevrolet Tahoe caught fire near Tunxis Hill Park in Fairfield, Conn.

According to a Connecticut Post article, a Little League baseball game was in progress when coaches and parents noticed Hervey on fire near the field. Hervey had pulled into the parking lot when the car started having trouble.

Coaches immediately rushed over and tried to extinguish the flames. This quick thinking was “heroic and should be applauded,” said Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson in the article.

Hervey was still conscious when emergency personnel arrived on scene.

As of late Tuesday night, Hervey’s condition remains critical, according to Bridgeport Hospital spokesperson John Cappiello.

Hervey’s sister, Stephanie Hervey ‘13, said that her family is hoping for the best. “He’s still in critical condition,” she said. “He will be for a few months, but . . . he’s pulling through right now so hopefully he will continue to do so.”

Word about Hervey’s condition spread to the University community the day after the incident.

In an email released to the community on Friday, Vice President for Student Affairs Thomas Pellegrino wrote: “We are monitoring his situation closely and University staff members have extended support to his family, who is with him at this time.” Pellegrino also offered students and faculty counseling options.

Because the accident is currently under investigation, little information about the cause of the fire is available, according to a Fairfield Fire Department official. However, in a Hartford Courant article, Sergeant Suzanne Lussier, a Fairfield Police spokesperson, said that the fire originated in the passenger compartment of Hervey’s car.

Stephanie called Hervey the “shining star” of the family and “the best brother I could have ever asked for.”

Hervey’s family asked that people  continue to pray for him.

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