Badge of Intolerance goes to Teen Girl Scout Boycotter

If the Girl Scouts of America gave out a badge for intolerance, I’d say they should hand it to Taylor.

In a scripted Youtube video, the California-based Girl Scout of eight years demanded for a boycott of sales after she realized that the organization accepts transgenders into its troops.

“I have been taught by Girl Scouts to advocate for my beliefs and to discover, connect and take action when I see something I want to change in the world,” she said in her Youtube video that is popping up all over the Internet.

I say, good for you, Taylor. I like that she is speaking up. I consider myself a journalist, so I fully support her freedom of speech.

But here’s my exercise of freedom of speech: I disagree with Taylor’s warped perception of the world.

Of course,  to share my opinion, you must support LGTBQ rights, which I am certainly supportive of. Call it a product of my nearly nonexistent religious beliefs. Attribute it to my generation, where equality is not something that is just among women and men, but it is also about the sexual orientation of all population. I think all people should be equal. That includes letting a boy, who’s most comfortable as a girl, into Girl Scouts.

She clearly defined transgender Girl Scout as a boy who “wants to be a girl.”

Taylor has a problem with boys being around girls. “Then, really, any boy can join Girl Scouts by simply saying he wants to be a Girl Scout, ” she said. How many boys who identify themselves as boys want to join Girl Scouts?!? Taylor is blowing these transgender admissions out of proportion, and it’s very clear to me that she is not concerned about her troops’ disturbance but her own uncomfortable feelings regarding the topic.

You say, Taylor, that you and other girls don’t “feel safe” with a boy in the troops. Then doesn’t that mean you’re in danger in the world? Because, really, boys exist outside of the Girls Scouts. What boy would go so far as to enlist himself in a Girl Scouts troop just to get closer to girls?

The underlying (or prominent, depending on your view) strand of this protest is based on religion. Taylor has a cross clearly displayed around her neck. She cites mainly Baptist sources as support for her quotes.  Taylor insinuates that the Girl Scouts carry a certain religious belief.

This is not part of the official Girl Scouts policy, especially one that encourages diversity. Even more, today, most people should realize that being or acting like a girl is a socially constructed notion. Girl Scouts formed during a time when no one dared talk about gender as socially constructed. As with any organization, the policies must change according to the times they exist in.

In the end, I believe people will end up boycotting Girl Scouts Cookies for a very different reason than what Taylor is advocating for.

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