It’s Easy to Know But Harder to Believe

Lindsay Wrinn '14, founder of new women's bible group

From Lindsay Wrinn’s room, you can tell a lot about the freshman’s personality. Her bedspreads are alive with vivid color, and pictures of friends and family adorn her wall. In all of pictures, she is smiling brightly.

In random places–on her desk drawers, on a bedpost, on a desk lamp–there are Post-it notes with encouraging sayings from well-known figures. On her desk is a well-worn Bible with colored  tabs separating the books, and on the pages are notes and scribbles in blue ink. She spends much of her time here at night, when she has the time to think.

Wrinn is the initiator of a newly formed women’s group, which highlights the fundamentals of Christianity and seeks to provide a place for women to reflect on and enforce faith in their busy college lives.

The first meeting on Jan. 27 started off slowly with stragglers walking in. A few were from Wrinn’s floor; others came from other residence halls. The initial greetings were the typical “Hi, my name is…” or “I live in…”, and everyone got a chance to introduce themselves. They played a short game of Two Truths and a Lie in which one person told two truths and a lie and the other people had to guess at the lie.

Wrinn sat Indian-style on her chair, which she borrowed from the common lounge, leaning forward while listening attentively to the other girls talk about their religious backgrounds.

A surprising commonality among the girls is that religion was enforced in their household. Many cite their high school years as being the time where they truly began to appreciate their religion. No matter their division or denomination of Christianity, despite the differences, the girls have come together to appreciate and enforce their faith in God.

Wrinn plans to spread religion outside of the church and outside of mass, and help others carry their faith along as they go about their lives.

The girls will examine the Book of John in the next few weeks. “Personally for me, John is my favorite. Right now, life is stressful.  Reading the book is a reminder that God wants to be part of our lives. He wants to be truthful to us,” Wrinn expressed to the members.

Others including freshman Delicia Alarcon agreed with Wrinn. “I always find something in my bible to orient me and make me feel better,” she said. “God is always there to talk to you, to keep you grounded.”

One girl added, “We grow up learning about God but never knowing what he said.”

After an hour and a half, Wrinn ended the session with a closing prayer. Her speech was earnest, and words such as “freedom”, “honorable”, “vulnerable”, “joyous” and “truth” were used.

“At the end of the semester, I would hope that everyone in the small group would develop deeper friendships with one another and have a deeper relationship with God. My desire is that everyone would continue searching through the scripture for the answers to life’s question and keep seeking God,” said Wrinn.

 Published on February 2, 2011 in The Mirror

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